Shortly About Me

Welcome to my photography webpage. During the past 20 years I have been traveling to various locations to experience different countries and cultures. I hope you will enjoy your stay - please feel free to give me feedback...


  • LandscapesAlways one of my favourite topics. Let me take you on a little journey...
  • AnimalsEven though it can be a tough job to wait for the right moment to capture a great shot it is still worth it...
  • PortraitsOne of my latest subjects in photograpy...

What´s New


NatGeo Award 2012
National Geographic awarded me with the "picture of the day" award


NatGeo Award 2013
National Geographic awarded me with the "picture of the month" award

My Philosophy

Capturing the reality Unlike many other photographers I prefer to capture reality rather than creating a beautiful picture only. By saying this I mean that most of my picture are rarely edited. I hope you will like them anyways ;-)

Digital photography has created too many "perfect" pictures - or pictures that look perfect at first glance. But they often lack the feeling, the spirit or the mood that the original scenery had. To prevent this from happening I am trying to keep up the good habits from the times where photography was really a work of art and not a result of the latest firmware update.

Coming Soon


Portraits 2013
Some of my portrait shots in 2012/2013


Namibia 2013
I will go on a trip to South Africa and Namibia