20.02.2013 Website Updates

Here you will find a history of events and journeys

News Backlog

January 2013. National geographic Magazine Award "Picture of the Month"

Natiional Geographic Magazine awarded the "picture of the month award" to my picture of a balinese temple [link]

December 2012. National geographic Magazine Award "Picture of the Day"

Natiional Geographic Magazine awarded the "picture of the day award" to my macro shot of a fly [link]

September 2012. Namibia - North Tour

Interesting pictures: we will see ;-)

May 2012. U.S.A. - Las Vegas and beyond (Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Valley of Fire...)

Interesting pictures: Landscape, Desert, Nightlife, The Strip

April 2012. Namibia - Otavi Area (Wildlife photography, Landsacpes)

Interesting pictures: Landscape, Animals

March 2012. Italia - Rome (Vatican City, Colosseum, etc...)

Interesting pictures: Landscape, Buildings

November 2011. Namibia - North Tour (Himba Village, Epupa, Ruacana)

Interesting pictures: Landscape, Waterfalls, Himba Tribe, Animals

July 2011 Germany - Cologne

Interesting Pictures: Some HDR Shots of the Dome, some portrait work in the dome area

August 2011 Animal and Macro Photography at Rheingau area

Interesting shots: Wolf, Bear, Deer - several nice moss shots

June 2011 France, Italy, Switzerland

Short 4 day trip around the south of Europe - Lavender fiel and some nice Landscape pictures

April 2011 Namibia - Otavi Area

Two weeks of hunting, picture taking and relaxation in the North of Namibia