About Me

What keeps me busy and makes me use a camera...

Photography allows me to express my passion for nature and my excitement about the beauty that can be found allover the world. I am travelling a lot to find certain species, see landscapes that are simply breathtaking and to take the opportunity to preserve in a digital picture what might be gone way too soon due to human behaviour. Please join me on my travels by watching my pictures. I am always open for you feedback and comments on my pictures. Please feel free to send me emails. I will try to reply to all of them.

My History

1977 First Camera.

My dad gave me my first camera when I was six years old - it was an fully manual SLR named EDIXA. I had to learn photography from its very basics as this camera did not have any automatic functions. Exposure settings and every other value needed to be calculated and you would never see a direct result. That was REAL photography

2011 Canon DSLR 7D

After a history of several SLRs from Canon and Minolta I finally got my first digital camera in 2001 - a 1.3 Megapixel point and shoot camera. It was totally disappointing. Like many other photographers even the first DSLRs in my possesion did not really satisfy me. I would say - the Canon 50D was the first digital SLR camera I really liked as the shades of colours and light can now be interpreted much better by digital cameras resulting in more realistic pictures.

My Equipment

I am currently using the following equipment:

CAMERAS: Canon EOS 1Ds Mk.II, Canon EOS 7D, Olympus C5050 for underwater photography, Lumix 10 MP point and shoot camera for scenery documentation
LENSES: EF 100-400 L, EF-S 15-85, EF-S 60 (Macro), EF-50 1,4, EF 2x Converter, Sigma 10-20 EX DC
MISC: Manfrotto Carbon Tripod, GorillaPad, Cokin Filters, Tamrac Bags (they really last long!), some Traumflieger equipment such as Macro Flash arms